The Value and Benefits of FSM For Participants & Employees

How Field Service Management Can Give Your Participants the Best Care.

Health and Social Care workers are striving to deliver exceptional services to their participants. The delivery of high-quality care efficiently and effectively will ultimately benefit participants, families, and providers. However, maximising value for participants often has to be done through achieving the best outcomes at the lowest cost.

Sognos Field Service Management partners with you and your team to deliver safe and effective participant care in the office and remotely.

Ensuring your people securely have access to the information they need while optimising processes and aligning systems to improve participant management, treatment quality, productivity, reduce compliance risk, and more allows you to focus on your business, the delivery of care.

Enhancing Participant Care with Field Service Management

Field Service Management (FSM) provides an opportunity for Health and Social care organisations to positively impact both the employee and participant experience.

Learn more about frontline worker automation in Health and Social Care; What are the catalyst and requirements to consider Field Service Management? What does success look like?

Guest Speakers

Susan McCarthy, Chief Operating Officer
Flourish Australia

Darshan Dhumal, Microsoft 
Dynamics 365 Solution Sales Specialist, Healthcare

Event Details:
Date: August 8, 2024
Time: 11:00am
Duration: 45 minutes  

We look forward to your participation and meaningful engagement with us.

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Revolutionising Healthcare

Retain People, Participants and Clients Through Information.

Residential &
Aged Care

Tailored solutions for efficient management and enhanced care in residential or aged care facilities, ensuring compliance and quality service delivery.


Specialised support systems for seamless management  under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, optimising participant information and funding processes.

Social Care

Innovative platforms for streamlined client management, promoting community engagement and well-being in social care provision.

Deliver Safe and Quality Care with Services Based on Needs, Goals and Preferences.

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