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New South Wales, Australia

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Dynamics 365 Field Service


300 Technicians

Deloitte Digital subcontracted us to provide Penrith City Council with an entirely custom solution to manage PCC’s Day to Day Resource Crew (Team members) Movements for their Field Operations team given our background and expertise with Dynamics 365 Field Service. We provided PCC with a custom - built solution that automatically manages all the background operations of managing and juggling jobs between teams when team members are moved cross different teams. The coordinators that had completely refused to use the Field Service solution due to the time consuming manual operations that they had to carry on – now love our 3 click solution. With this, they can manage their movement within 10 seconds that earlier took atleast 25 minutes per movement and still didn’t guarantee the accurate date for time sheets

  • Manual process to move team members from one team to another
  • Manual process to create / cancel jobs for newly added team members between teams
  • This added to very un-productive time for the coordinators.
  • Not only that, but the coordinators also found it hard to keep a track of the movements, jobs and timesheets
  • No track of jobs lead to incorrect time entries and time sheets
  • End to end chaos between field techs, coordinators and back-office team
  • Custom Workflows implemented to automatically manage jobs when team members are moved across different teams
  • Custom 3 button-based solutionfor coordinators to recordmovements
  • Custom Day Sheet Report provided for coordinators to track, manage and have visibility of their Day-to-Day solution
  • Coordinators agreed to use thsolution which was earlier protested for
  • Right Time Sheet and Time Entries generated because of the right background workflow automation implemented
  • Drastic increase in the productivity of coordinators as the automated workflows implemented took off all the need for manual operations fromthem