Industrial Services

Quickly Respond to Customers, Your People and Manage Compliance.

Our team at Sognos works with you to ensure your field service solution is purpose-designed for your field technicians, managers, and organizational performance. If your industry deploys skilled laborers and assets to off-site locations, FSM provides an opportunity for you to not only become more efficient, but to deliver a positive customer experience while gaining a competitive advantage.

For organisations with remote workers, assets, and associated maintenance it’s all about resource allocation and data centralisation for efficient management of organisational activities. With Dynamics 365 for Field Service all your management functions are now available in one place, with a single secure login.

The team at Sognos works with professional organisations that utilise electricians, plumbers, IT technicians, construction workers, safety technicians, meter monitoring, and more. FSM delivers a wide range of solutions for many different types of industries.

Optimise Tasks, Resources and Information for the Efficient Execution of Your Services.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Efficiently assign technicians to service calls based on their skills, location, availability, and urgency of the task while optimising travel time.

Mobile Access

Improve productivity by providing technicians with real-time mobile tools or applications that enable them to access work orders, documentation, and customer information while in the field.

Resource Allocation

Optimising the allocation of resources such as labour, equipment, and materials to ensure tasks are completed efficiently and on time.

Integration with ERP Systems

Integrating FSM with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems will ensure a seamless flow of data across departments such as finance, inventory management, and sales allowing for real-time information and collective data driven decisions.

Retention of People

 People become frustrate when they do not have the right tools for the job.  With skills shortages and the costs associated with training and hiring, having the right tools for the job leads to more satisfied workers and reduces the risk of attrition. 

Compliance & Safety

Ensuring compliance with industry regulations and safety standards, is a must. Keeping a record of technician training, renewals, certifications, and access to safety protocols not only keeps you compliant and your people safe but allows you to plan for training, and up skilling with limited impact on your schedules. 

Asset Management

Tracking and managing your assets, including equipment, machinery, and parts allows you to better manage your budgets.

This can also include monitoring maintenance schedules, tracking usage, and managing inventory levels

Work Order Management

Creating, assigning, and tracking work orders including details of the tasks such as relevant information including equipment involved, service history,  required parts or materials allows for better project planning and faster completion.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Knowing your customers and having the ability to manage customer interactions based on records of history, including service, contracts, and communication preferences for allows for a personalised and better quality of service.

Customer Success Story

Natural Power Solutions (NPS) is a leading provider of designing, building and construction of customised, bespoke power protection solutions in Australia and New Zealand.  

NPS needed to develop a better process for the management of their customer assets and called upon us to assist.

Daniel Sargent

Head of Sales, Natural Power Solutions

Industries Work Faster With Powerful Options.

Fire, Safety and Security

Equipment and safety systems must be kept running at peak efficiency. Therefore, it’s necessary to provide appropriate services that will ensure the smooth running of your processes. On top of complying with government codes, reliable fire and security systems are an essential service.

With service at the core of your operations, considering a field service management solution to automate the operations of your service delivery simply makes sense.

FSM allows you to monitor security technologies, quickly respond to customers, while managing compliance, inspections, and procedures effectively.

IT and Communications

Mobile and Internet service providers, cable companies, and communications organisations are looking for better ways of service delivery to keep up with the pace of the growing demands on technology. Staying connected has become more complex due to remote working, social media, security and the use of associated devices. To keep up with the increased demand for instant services by customers, the IT and communication service companies utilise FSM to make their service delivery more effective.

By utilising a combination of the robust, advanced scheduling system rich in functionality, implementing Dynamics 365 for Field Service with Sognos providing your needed customisations delivers a useful real-time communication, maintenance planning, and troubleshooting solution for your organisation.


The mining industry is faced with complexities that require special handling for better environment and land management as well as business performance. Since the running of projects is at the cornerstone of your industry, Field Service Management provides a better way to ensure a smooth running of project activities. The certified experts at Sognos work with you to implement an FSM solution that provides real-time management of activities, resources, and processes. These services include equipment maintenance, repairs, inspections, and other activities essential for ensuring the continuous, efficient, and compliant operation of mining machinery and infrastructure.

We work with you to realise the numerous benefits, including increased equipment uptime, reduced maintenance costs, improved workforce productivity, enhanced safety and compliance, and ultimately greater profitability.

Facilities Management

Efficiency is paramount, meeting, and exceeding customer expectations versus the battle against cost, is one of the many reasons facility management organisations greatly benefit from FSM. With comprehensive tools such as assigning tasks to monitor progress, alerts on critical issues, standard maintenance, or emergency repairs ensuring increased productivity and efficiency are what makes Dynamics 365 for Field Service the right choice for this industry.

If you are interested in a streamlined workflow, improved communication while reducing administration time and costs, we are here to help.

Industrial Services

Maximising productivity and preventing equipment downtime are only two of the many benefits of considering FSM for your organisation. From asset and equipment management, maintenance and emergency repairs, work orders, scheduling/resourcing, ensuring full control over the dispatching of your workforce, their schedules, and the route taken for maximum work output.

With the coordination of various tasks, resources, and personnel, your organisation can ensure efficient delivery of services, maintenance, repairs, and installations at customer sites. Implementing an effective FSM solution tailored to your specific needs to streamline operations, improve productivity, enhance service quality, and drive business growth. It requires careful evaluation of requirements, utilising Sognos to implement your requirements, and ongoing optimisation to maximise ROI and competitive advantage.


Optimising operations, improving productivity, and ensuring successful project delivery are essential in your industry. We understand your work involves both site work and office work. FSM can be designed to establish effective communication between the office staff and the field operators. With inclusive solutions, now you can easily manage daily inspections and receive feedback from the field workers without leaving the office. Moreover, documentation is simplified, and everything is documented in a central place so that it’s easier to retrieve important information at any time.

With Dynamics 365 for Field Service, now you can manage your organisation’s information, construction projects, compliance, resources, and more efficiently while minimising cost and saving time. At Sognos, we are dedicated to being First in Field Service. Utilising Dynamics 365 for FSM, we will work with you to put your people, your customers, and your organisation first.

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