Facilities Management

Revolutionising Facilities Management with Dynamics 365 for Field Service.

At Sognos, we understand how the ever-evolving industry of facilities management requires a coordinated effort to run smoothly. From hospitals and schools to factories or office buildings facilities management services help ensure that all necessary maintenance activities and repairs are carried out promptly and efficiently.

The many moving parts of keeping assets functioning often rely on outmoded tools. With Dynamics 365 for Field Service, we work with you to ensure your processes operate efficiently 24-7.

There are many benefits including creating and managing your work orders and technicians, collaborating efficiently with internal teams or external contractors, as well as improving your customer service experience.

We work with you and your key stakeholders to deliver a solution that fits your organisation and people requirements. 

When Do You Need Facilities Management Software?

As your number of assets and facilities grow, the inefficient manual processes you initially relied on no longer suit your needs. You need FMS if you are experiencing issues such as the below.

Lack of visibility of your operations, team locations or have trouble fielding customer questions about ETA.
Scheduling and dispatching challenges such as double booking, overlapping project times schedules or not having the team with the right knowledge and experience on site.
Challenges managing sub-contractors and third-party vendors with efficiency.
Estimating and invoicing pain such as chasing after customers for payments leading to strained relationships.
Challenges future proofing with asset maintenance plans to avoid unscheduled asset downtime, reputational damage, and more.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service Can Optimise Facilities Management.

Our experts work with you to understand your workflow processes, then configure the right solution to;

Track job status & technician availability

Deliver a faster and better customer experience when you have the ability to monitor status of jobs/projects, availability and location of your workforce.

Real-time/remote-timesheet management

Utilised by both management and employee for better planning leading to better coordination, collaboration and productivity so facility managers can plan and schedule the next tasks accordingly.

The management of subcontractors

Third party subcontractors with the right skills and availability are always a challenge.  FMS allows for the assignment of tasks based on skill and availability ensuring jobs can be properly coordinated.

Data, security & compliance management

FSM allows imports, exports, and data transfers to send and create work orders allowing employees and subcontractors to easily access job information, update job progress, submit quotes, share invoices, and more all while ensuring your security and compliance regulations are met.

Single source of truth

With Dynamics 365 you can access bids, communicate with team members, manage all work orders with built in processes plus submitting time sheets and expenses for creating invoices, receiving payments, and managing people.

The above, are just SOME of what our team at Sognos can deliver as a solution for your organisation.

FSM to Manage your Asset Inventory.

We understand that an essential component of your facility management success is to manage assets properly. With FSM, you can track and manage your assets efficiently while analysing performance and asset health in real-time. 

When set up correctly Dynamics 365 for Field Service will help you manage your assets throughout their lifecycle, track individual assets by real-time location data, store all asset data in a centralised database, and provide access to the most current data at all times.

There are many options available to help track the details of your equipment, it comes down to your processes and best practice.  Sognos works with you to ensure your physical assets under your organisation are accurately listed with important asset information, including warranty information and maintenance history. 

Data like this can be used to manage inventory and make better decisions such as choosing between servicing the asset and discarding it for a new purchase.

Retain People and Customers with the Right Information.

Automate Work Order Processes

 With an FSM, system, facilities managers and your teams can remotely view and access the status and details of current jobs. By providing real-time job status updates, they can retrieve anything from the technician’s ETA to service history easily.
All information is kept in one place allowing quick and efficient searches. Automated workflows can set up dynamic rules that trigger automated alerts and notifications.

Break Down the Disconnect

Historically facilities management organisations have relied heavily on different systems and workflows. With FSM as your one source of truth you can reduce down manual interventions and associated errors, making for a smoother experience.
If you are currently using paper or spreadsheets for analysis activities such as trends to identify high-value clients, best-performing technicians, and your most profitable customers, FSM will save you time, not only in performing the tasks but making the correct decisions.

Modernising Your Facility Management Organisation for Growth

The right facilities management solution allows your organisation to remain competitive while addressing your growth requirements.
This is especially true for organisation’s that rely on remote field service technicians. At Sognos we specialise in FSM to work with you to not only eliminate redundant actions and activities but also optimises the efficiencies to help you achieve ROI.

How Organisations Benefit From Facilities Management.

The right Field Service Management solution is a must for any facilities management organisation that has growth plans (short or long term).
If your organisation plans include better tracking of; the status of projects and availability, time, and cost in management of your labour force, efficient management of your asset inventory, automate work order processes, remote monitoring and control capabilities plus more, then FSM is for you.

‍At Sognos we are dedicated to being First in Field Service, utilising Dynamics 365 for FSM, we will work with you to put your people, your customers, your organisation first.

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