Customer Experience

Unlock the value of your customer data to create personalised experiences.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Experience helps your organisation harness customer insights to deliver timely support, however and whenever the customer wants it.

These days, each customer has their own preferred ways of accessing information and services. The team at Sognos works with you to map out these channels and build a solution that delivers the engagement and results you need. 

Microsoft Customer Experience solutions offer a range of benefits for organisations looking to enhance your customer relationships and drive growth.

Nurture Your Customers For Growth.

Experience a comprehensive view of customers by aggregating data from various touchpoints such as sales, marketing, service, and social media to understand your customer preferences, behaviours, and needs better.  Remove the costly mistakes of guesswork.

Streamline customer service processes, enabling organisations to respond quickly to enquiries, issues and provide proactive for improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Personalise customer interactions across channels, that are of interest to your customer through data analytics to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Delivering relevant and timely messages, offers, or support sends a clear message to your customer that they are valued.

Targeted campaigns resonate with your audience by enabling segmentation, campaign automation, and performance tracking, you will not only deliver an improved marketing ROI, but likely more sales engagement as well. 

Gain insights into customer preferences and behaviours, for increased sales productivity and revenue.

There is a lot to manage these days in the area of  data security and compliance with industry regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA, you will benefit from robust security measures and adherence to privacy standards.

The solution scales to meet your organisations evolving needs so you can customise and extend the platform through a range of apps, integrations, and development tools, ensuring flexibility to adapt to changing market dynamics.

Leverage advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to predict customer behaviour, identify trends, and recommend actionable insights and stay ahead of market changes.

Keeping your customers loyal Takes effort.

No matter your customers’ preferences, you need to able to respond with speed and accuracy of information.

In today’s world customer expectation is very much a “I want it now” experience.

To do this, you need the consistency that comes from having one information source serving all your different channels, the team at Sognos is ready to help!

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